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Happy Halloween My Dudes by Taytheamazing Happy Halloween My Dudes :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 3 28 Purple Snowflakes [REQUEST] by Taytheamazing Purple Snowflakes [REQUEST] :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 2 0
Don't Leave
Karkat sat in his room, alone like usual. His hands were clasped tightly together and were resting between his thighs and his stomach. His head rested upon his knees, his back pressed against a wall and his eyes were squeezed shut.
He spent a lot of time like this lately, locked away in his room and ignoring the countless worlds going by the meteor. He didn't care about them, because he had two other worlds on his mind.
Two that he had ruined.
He had been stupid in the past- so, so stupid- and had inadvertently caused so many people to suffer. He ran a program that caused everyone to lose their lusus, led them all to failure, bred a universe doomed to die...
And probably a million more things he wasn't thinking about at the moment.
As mentioned before this was a pretty common thing for him to think about, but this day the consequences of his actions were hitting him harder than usual.
His breath hitched as he thought about all his dead friends, having never seen the seventh sweep of th
:icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 2 2
Dave walked into the cozy bookstore and took a deep breath in, savoring the scent of new books and coffee.
He loved visiting this store because they were open late every night, and what better way to wind down after a busy day then drink mediocre coffee and browse a nearly empty bookstore?
By 11:30 pm, Dave had already picked out several interesting books and was on his way to checkout. He walked at a leisurely pace, earbuds in and head down. He loosely held his books against his side, the stack almost too much to carry with one arm- That didn't stop him though, because he was a cool guy and cool guys don't hold their books like nerds rushing to class.
Cool guys don't drop all their books and trip trying to catch them either though, do they? And yet, that's what he did when someone rounded a corner a bit too sharply and bumped into him. He even took the other guy down with him, spilling both sets of books all over the place.
Dave took his earbuds out and laughed a bit, then turned to t
:icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 1 2
She Sad by Taytheamazing She Sad :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 0 0 Humanized Foxy (ART TRADE) by Taytheamazing Humanized Foxy (ART TRADE) :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 1 3 Not So Mirthful Now (HS SPOILERS) by Taytheamazing
Mature content
Not So Mirthful Now (HS SPOILERS) :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 3 2
Control (CONTEST ENTRY) by Taytheamazing Control (CONTEST ENTRY) :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 2 2 Midnight Eclipse (ART TRADE) by Taytheamazing Midnight Eclipse (ART TRADE) :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 1 3 Awoken (REQUEST) by Taytheamazing Awoken (REQUEST) :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 2 2 A Horse by Taytheamazing A Horse :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 4 2 Comix (ART TRADE) by Taytheamazing Comix (ART TRADE) :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 1 4 I'm Not Dead Yet (CONTEST ENTRY) by Taytheamazing I'm Not Dead Yet (CONTEST ENTRY) :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 2 3 Heartflash (ART TRADE) by Taytheamazing Heartflash (ART TRADE) :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 1 9 Damaris (REQUEST) by Taytheamazing Damaris (REQUEST) :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 1 3 Yuna (ART TRADE) by Taytheamazing Yuna (ART TRADE) :icontaytheamazing:Taytheamazing 1 2


Maeros sonurs (4/13 4rt) by supersonic415 Maeros sonurs (4/13 4rt) :iconsupersonic415:supersonic415 2 0 Heartbroken by CupcakesnCringes Heartbroken :iconcupcakesncringes:CupcakesnCringes 12 4 Angels by ikimaru-art Angels :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 302 50 Ac by ikimaru-art Ac :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 294 18 Karkats by ikimaru-art Karkats :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 241 5 It's the Circle of Life by ikimaru-art It's the Circle of Life :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 318 34 Soulstuck: Medusa Rose by ikimaru-art Soulstuck: Medusa Rose :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 252 9 I believe I can fly by ikimaru-art I believe I can fly :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 315 15 Dirkjake - Quiet by ikimaru-art Dirkjake - Quiet :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 289 9 Not Scared by ikimaru-art Not Scared :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 279 14 GF by ikimaru-art GF :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 357 2 Scourge Snk by ikimaru-art Scourge Snk :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 202 4 Milk by ikimaru-art Milk :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 260 10 Watermelon by ikimaru-art Watermelon :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 275 24 A Jade by ikimaru-art A Jade :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 259 11 Doodle Dump 8 by ikimaru-art Doodle Dump 8 :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 215 12
So I'm pretty inactive here, heh
If anyone is interested in seeing the art I've been posting, note me and I'll tell you what my Tumblr is :)


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Sixpenceee Story Forum-…


Awesome people that I know in real life and that you should check out-
:iconbananaboat10: is my brother
:iconsupersonic415: is his friend as well as mine
:iconlostdemonsecret: and :iconzeldagamer75: are also my friends

Hi! My name is Taylor, I live in Southern Ontario and this is my DeviantArt page :D

Most of what I submit art wise is requests. They are always open, and I would love for you to request something too! I will draw pretty much anything, more details here-
I will also do art trades or collabs, ask me about it if you're interested!
I also like to submit literature, but I won't do that all the time. Please be warned, though, I'm not a fan of censoring my stories.
Another thing I'm doing now is asks for my OCs.
As you may have noticed, I recently started a donation pool. Donations of and size will be greatly appreciated, but you don't have to donate if you don't want to!
And that about wraps up what I've got going on here! If you like what you see, drop me a watch and I'll give you one too!
Have a great day!
-Taylor (Taytheamazing)



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Feed my crack addiction

JK I guess its more like feed my random donate and adopt addictions XD

Also here is where you will pay if you choose to point commission me ^^

Rewards for donations- NOT for commissions :D
(They stack, ex. Donating 16 points will get you a llama and 4 faves)
<5 points- llama
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